person reaching train railways between trees

I have discovered I might have a work-related problem, I don’t like firing people, maybe this is the newbie entrepreneurial in me still talking, maybe employees will show me pepper eventually and I’ll learn my lesson. I guess this is one of the reasons CEOs hire HR managers so they can help them do the dirty work.

It is not impossible to let go of something or someone that you have formed a sort of connection with, but it is usually painful. In my case, I am usually moved to help people. One of the many things I’ll like to do on earth is to create jobs that will feed families. Men and women were designed by God to work, I could as well play my little part to make sure people around me are not idle. I’ll love to empower people in my entrepreneurial journey by providing them with befitting jobs, which means, I have to create outstanding and scalable companies.

I really am so passionate about helping people through job creation, so it feels like an abomination when I have to let you go, especially when I know you still need this job more than anything.

But I almost killed a man because I refused to fire him when he was clearly no longer fit for the job. This was a case of a dispatch rider who was accident-prone, he had been involved in quite a number of lone accidents, and every time he resumed, I felt I should give him one more chance, maybe he’ll be more cautious, this I did, till he had a near-fatal accident.

I understand that sometimes emotion comes into play when making decisions, especially when you start to see your employees as family. One thing I must learn in this journey is to separate emotions from common sense when making decisions. Hire slow and fire fast, as the saying goes, eventually, both parties will fine.