Days like these, one is bound to reflect on how short our stay in here on planet earth. For me, I think it reinforces parts of my belief system, which is, “we are stewards here on earth to manage the resources God is allocating to us, we don’t own anything, we didn’t bring anything, neither are we going with anything. It’ll end in premium tears if we get too attached to what won’t last. One minute we are here, and the next minute, we are gone. Just like that.

Death is inevitable, whether we grow old or not, whether you agree with me or just said: “God forbid”. Death is a constant. We are all going to die, we just might not know when. Some may be opportune to see death coming in the case of Chadwick (colon cancer) and Captain Chika, (helicopter crash), but most people won’t get the opportunity.

On the other hand, Denzel’s generous action in the life of Chadwick is one reason to appreciate life.

Life can be simple, really, if we all learn to love and give. We should live on this earth with a mindset to impact the lives of others, without expecting anything in return. There will always be someone better-off and worse-off than you. Focus on helping people up the ladder.