Photo by Norbert Kundrak on Unsplash

A couple of people have asked me this question at different times in different ways as to why I am living an almost non-existence life online.

“Yemi, why are you always quiet?” , “Yemi, you don’t talk in groups”

“You don’t post online”, “Your ghostmode is incredible”

Most often I don’t know how to respond, but I admit that I am usually quiet and don’t say much except there’s a need to. I don’t think I have been doing this intentionally, it just happened over time. I have always described myself as a “man of few words”, maybe it has something to do with my wiring or it’s just me in my comfort zone.

During my university days, I was everywhere. I had an opinion about everything, which was unhealthy by the way. It’s unfortunate I can’t find the backup to my articles from then (As far back as 2013).

So this is me starting afresh. I am going to be talking not just because I want to be heard, but because I discovered that it is only fair that we document our lives, put out one or two thoughts once in a while so others can learn from it, criticize it or do whatever it is they will do with it.

Tabula rasa – every person came into this world with a blank slate. Part of what has guided us and influenced our decisions are the events and experiences that were documented hundreds of years ago. I am not going to join the bandwagon in making noise. If you ask me I feel the internet/Social media is saturated already, and there is so much noise to drown whatever it is you have to say, but then nobody can tell your story or share your thoughts as you will.